Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You've got to be kidding me...slife of life

Reader, you need to know that this slice involves a door, destruction, and one irate teacher. It was the end of the day and I was frantically scrambling lesson plans around (I get to see Debbie still my heart). I wanted to make sure I had enough pages for their letters to me and I walked over to our writing center (my old closet that I converted). Grabbing the door, I pulled it open and was stuck. This can't in the world is it stuck, I thought. And then I realized that the door was locked.

No problem, get the key, you're saying. Reader, this door is older than myself. It has been around since the dawn of time. There was no one who had a key and no one in the building who was going to be able to help me get it unlocked.

To my surprise, I found the custodian that cleans my room...okay, maybe cleans isn't the right word. He was picking up his paycheck, but offered to see what he could do. One screwdriver, his wife, and a few turns later...hinges started coming off the door. After taking off both hinges...nothing. We still couldn't get the door opened where it had locked. Reader, if I could have pried the door off the frame to allow the students to get their writing, I would. But with destruction comes clean up and I wasn't ready for that yet or a talking-to from the principal.

The custodian found a few more screws he could undo and I stepped out to share my frustration with another teacher. While I was out...they got the door unlocked!!!!! Barring any future possibility of this door ever being locked again, we took out the entire lock. The door went on and I saw the damage. Long black strips of ribbon hanging off the front off the door, the yellow fabric draping on the side, and the sign now laying by itself in a tray. All of my hard work of creating an environment of organization and creativity...gone.

My door back on, my head still steaming, I headed for my car one hour later than necessary. However the door ended up being locked isn't the problem anymore...but I would love to know how it had happened. I'll clean up the mess on Friday...

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Live, Laugh, Love! said...

How frustrating!!! :(

Enjoy Debbie Miller tomorrow--I want to hear all about it! I so wish that I could have gone to that conference but ISTEP won!