Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Be prepared...for the unprepared - slice

As I trudged over to grab the recycling and trash bins, my eyes caught a glimpse of extra brown on my porch. It's a package! My heart danced over the thought of a gift. I remembered that I was awaiting the backpack from an earlier slice. As I brought it into my house, I flung it on the counter and proceeded to finish up the surprise dinner for my friend.

The package slipped from my mind until my friends started to leave for the evening. "Wait," I cried.

They had to see the beautiful backpack that was now mine. As I ripped open the package, a brilliant shade of pink tissue paper floated out...how sweet, I thought. Stacey really got into the presentation of the backpack. Then my eyes caught a sticker on the tissue paper...Ann Taylor Loft.

Duh...it was the pants that I had ordered Friday night. All hope is not lost though...I still have another package to await.

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GirlGriot said...

Hey, new Ann Taylor pants sound like a great present to yourself, too! Hope the backpack arrives soon.