Monday, March 2, 2009

Need it...Slice of Life

When I saw them...I knew they were going to be mine.

I bought a new pair of shoes on Friday night to help carry me through the next round of training for my half-marathon. I went with what my feet are used to, the only thing different about my new shoes was the color. Orange...but not your normal orange. Vibrant, on fire, brilliant orange. The kind of orange that makes your feet want to dance upon the pavement.

As I walked into the gym tonight, I saw one of the most funkified pairs of shoes ever and thought I'd try them out. What could it hurt? One of the running experts had also suggested another pair of shoes, so like Goldlilocks I began my journey.

First pair - hard on the heel...interesting. Kind of plasticy. Looks like something a track star would wear. Maybe.

Second pair - tight...ugly shade of blue, too tight...Get rid of these! How I lasted three minutes of my interval was shocking.

My already bought shoes - too soft on the treadmill now. My feet are jaded from the first pair that gave my heels what they wanted when I'm plugging away on the treadmill that bounces.

First pair again...heaven! I want these! Can it be possible that a runner loves two different brands of shoes for different reasons? My feet will find out! Tune in for my next treadmill run...


Stacey said...

This reminds me... I need to buy a new pair of Pumas. I keep waiting for the price to come down; they never do.

GirlGriot said...

And this reminds me I need to find someone with a van to cart my pre-owned treadmill from my friend's house to mine!

It makes perfect sense that different shoes would work for different things. It's cool that you get to test drive them at your gym.