Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eight Miles of Emotion...slice of life

In our writing workshop, we're talking about emotions that can occur in our writing. During my training run today for my half-marathon in May...I discovered I had a few (hoping that what I'm about to write are emotions)

Joy - the sun on my face - I put sunscreen on just in case.
Excitement - my friends, Megan and Katie, were going to run with me.
Determination - the wind was really strong.
Perseverance - need to keep matter how much it hurts or how windy it is.
Frustration - why can't my legs seem to move as fast as my friends?
Anger - 8 miles is a long way to run...and feeling like a cane is being shoved into my hip does not feel great.
Determination (again) - I am NOT a quitter.
Relief - Crossing the finish line felt wonderful!
Gratitude - My friends put up with a lot of complaining and chose to run with me even though they had Bible study later...they are true friends and addicted to running!

Just wait till the race...I'm sure more emotions will arise that day.


SAS said...

What super analogies you made here Cathy. Super lesson for us all to learn.

GirlGriot said...

I love that list of emotions. I applaud your stamina. Good luck as you continue on toward the race!