Monday, March 9, 2009

Now What???...slice of life

I slowed down to make the turn in my car and saw a plasticy looking item sticking out of my mailbox. Not again...I'm so tired of this magazine coming. (It was a free gift because of an online subscription, but I ended up canceling it because I detest the magazine) After I clunked up the stairs, I pulled it out and saw behind it a white plasticy package...hmm...could it be? As I was pulling everything out, I flung another thick envelope onto the porch. Grabbing everything else and the envelope, I threw everything onto the couch and tried to decide what to open first.

The winner was the insurance bill. That wasn't a good idea. Oh well...wait for another envelope later from the physical therapist showing me how much I owe. Next came the mystery package. I didn't recognize the return address, but had a good feeling I knew what it was.

Remembering back to the bright pink tissue paper from before, I ripped open the package and there before me was a large piece of candy. Okay, not really. But it resembled it. Pink and white striped tissue paper. Tied at the ends with aqua was delicious! The ribbon was knotted, so like a little kid, I ripped into the tissue paper. It was the backpack that I had won from an earlier slice. My mind raced at how I could use it, what I could put in it, how it looked just like the photo! The green is even more gorgeous in real was nice to receive a gift. And what a beautiful gift it is...I'm honored to have it.


SAS said...

I have a few mags I just can't seem to shake!

literacyspark said...

ooooo, how delicious!

GirlGriot said...

Hurray for the perfect-day arrival of your backpack! Have fun test-driving it!