Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday evenings...slice of life

For the past two years, my small group girls have an open invitation to my house. It was something I always dreamed of allowing when I had my own house. Tonight six girls gather...they demolish the quietness of my house, open the frig without asking, eat food from my pantry, and dispose of any food that I want to get rid of. What's the payback for them eating me out of my house? They talk about their life, their ups, their downs, and how they look forward to this all day long. We talk about everything and nothing. It's just nice to have a slice of life with them, as short as it may be, where we can just be with each other. The laughs and tears that have been shed over the past few years are well worth it. It's a slice of my week that I will miss when they are in college next year...so it's all the more important to enjoy today.


GirlGriot said...

This sounds wonderful. How great that you're able to give them this space (both physical and emotional/mental) to relax, release and be themselves. I'm betting they treasure this time as much as you do.

Juliann said...

it is so great that you have given yourself to these girls - what a gift!