Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Back...slice of life

I pulled in grabbing a parking space on the side like I always did. I walk in and saw a familiar face at the desk. I let her know that I need to sign up to become a member. I gave up my personal membership at a smaller local gym and rejoined the Y because of a price increase and knowing with the economy the way it is...saving 30 dollars a month would be more beneficial.

After the paperwork was filled out, I ran a few laps with a co-worker upstairs and then walked into the fitness center. Familiar faces filled the gym and several asked where I had been, but they all seemed glad that I was back. It was like the year that I was gone had never occurred.

What did the 30 dollars a month cost me? I lost a treadmill that was extremely programmable. I lost the weights set for me plus knowing the EXACT weight I was on. I lost seeing the friendly faces that I enjoyed at the smaller gym.

What did I gain? Thirty dollars a month for one! Seeing friends again at the Y that I truly missed. The opportunity to continue to push myself and learn how to take care of my body on my own.

One treadmill run and several attempts at trying to figure out weights on machines, my workout at the Y is over. Tomorrow I'll be back to try my weights for my upper body and enjoy some reminding myself that I am saving myself 30 dollars!

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