Monday, March 23, 2009


I am being honest...I am floating along in my writing workshop without really knowing where to go. I am going day by day with no huge idea as to where I want to end up. I know this is bad...I want to allow the students to keep writing and they are truly enjoying having choice right now. Tomorrow I am going to work on the magic of three - series, repeating beginnings of sentences, repeating line, etc.

When we come back from break, we are going to study poetry. In my mind, I am trying to create small focus lessons building the quality of their writing before we go on break...does anyone else ever do this? Am I the only one? I feel like a fraud...

Tonight was exciting though, I gave the students a choice for homework. Accelerated Math or continue on their writing...many chose their writing. Several of my students are working on character profiles, so my hope for them tonight is that they fill out a few of them so we can begin writing the story they are envisioning with their characters.

Some future ideas that I came up with too...put their completed character profiles in a binder so other writers could use them if desired or even just get ideas for other stories. Also, if I require my students to read 15 minutes a night, shouldn't I? I think I normally do, but just in case...I'm going to make more of an effort that I do get my time in too.

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