Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Student Funnies

A few comments made by my cherubs:

I was eating yogurt and an oatmeal bar at my desk while printing papers for their math...my students kept saying it smells like maple syrup. I finally said to one of my girls (after hearing it 4 times), I think it's my oatmeal bar. She replied, "I thought it was the printer." Yep...cause printers normally smell like sweets!

I asked my students what they wanted to listen to...Josh Groban, Michael Buble, or Harry Connick. Great choices, huh! One of my boys said, "Josh Croban." I said, it's Groban with a G...no, Miss Laker it's Croban because my mom loves him. I told him with finality in my voice...It's Groban with a G...to which he replied, "It may start with a g, but it's a silent g that sounds like a c." I hope he learns more about phonics. Actually, he's one of my brightest students...just a great sense of humor.

Today, we were making the -ay family...no, they did not come up with that word...But I always ask the students that after they tell me the word, they tell me what it begins with. One of my girls told me jay...I waited for the beginning of the letter from her mouth. I then prompted her...letter??? She said, "jay." Duh, I'm thinking, I heard your word. I asked her again, "Letter??? What does it begin with?" She said again, "Jay." It took me a minute...Oh yeah, duh, she was telling me j...not jay. I need sleep is what it boils down to!

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! Cathy, I'm cracking up about the "jay"! LOL You really need some sleep, girlfriend! Maybe you need to slack off on the hours long phone calls??? Hmmm...

You go, girl!