Sunday, January 18, 2009


I haven't blogged lately...partly because I'm in a funk and partly because of another situation. I feel like I am in a funk with school...we recently added a new student to our class and it's been some adjusting. That has truly thrown me off and then I feel like an imposter in my workshops...I can't do the Reading Workshop the way I want and that frustrates me. I want to go on a different path, but our corporation has asked us to follow the layout of what we's been tough. And then I feel like my students are not becoming as strong of a writer as they should...

UGH!!! I am hoping that after coming back from winter break and then our cold weather break that this will begin to turn around. I am the one who can make that happen. I need to become more intentional about my workshops...that's one goal for the week!

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Sarah Amick said...

Can you find a balance? You know where you stay on course with the corporation but you throw in some of the other stuff that you think your students are lacking? You're right about being more intentional, we start to feel like we are the jack of all learning but not really mastering anything.
Work toward mastery! I'm thinking of you.