Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thinking on Thursday

Reflecting on life in general and through my day...

I'm sitting here in my house...waiting for the snow storm, well, the ice storm. I gave out my Christmas presents today to the kids. I made cocoa mix and then created conversation starters that they can discuss with their parents. Cheesy, yes, but hopefully appreciative. It was so sweet when one of my boys was looking through it today and then asked me one of the questions. It was fun to reflect with him for just a small moment.

Which leads me to my next thought. I need to seriously watch my tone. I know I've been more on the short side with some of the students and that's not fair to them. I know that when I have other adults in my room, I speak in a more gentle voice...I should probably post a picture of someone on my wall and then I can pretend they're in the room...Try explaining that to the kids.

One of my boys told me that his mom took his dad to the power cracker. Yep, the chiropractor.

Lesson learned today...don't give the kids 101 joke books if you don't want to hear them for the next 20 minutes...Wow, I didn't know there were so many stupid jokes out there!

Speaking of jokes, what do you call 40 guys watching the Superbowl? The Detroit Sorry if you're a Lions fan.

In other broad subjects, I've been reading a book entitled, Life in the Thin Cage (I think that's the title). My friends have been great. They let me know they care and are concerned over some of the behaviors they see in my life. I also appreciate the fact that they let me talk things out with them. The book is really good so far and I'm excited about diving into it more. Plus, I always read more over break...Twilight series, here I come!

I also took a risk with something else in my life and so far, it's going well...Not going to say much more on that. brings a smile to my face.


Sarah Amick said...

I can't wait to hear what the risk is!!!!!
I love the conversation starters. The Beyond Leveled Books book that I reviewed has some excellent family homework in regards to conversations that students and parents can have together.
I think that you would really like that book and learn a lot, too.
I think that your lack of patience has a lot to do with the time of the year. We all need a much deserved break. It is difficult to have so many pressures and then have lack of self-control because they are just 7/8 years old.

Anonymous said...

I am excited to hear more about this risk, too!

Cathy, you have truly been a light to me during these dark times. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kindness and generosity you've shown me. You have really been a living, breathing example of God's love and mercy.

You are a great friend and I count it a blessing to know you!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog :) I just want you to know I think you're beautiful - I'm glad you're taking "risks :)" and reading that book...!