Saturday, December 13, 2008

Frustrating Friday

Could it have been any worse? Yes...but thankfully, Friday's over. It started out well. I met with several of our special education professionals and the principal to create what needs to happen when we refer students for testing. I went back to the class, and it began. If you teach, you'll understand coming in halfway through the day and trying to figure out what's going on. Thankfully, all of the kids were in one area listening to a book. After lunch, the floodgates opened up. I had a student leave halfway through an assignment, one girl I had to catch up from several days out and one student out for the third day in a row. Then after gym, I had two boys very upset and crying. Oh...back that up, before gym, I had a boy who was upset and had tears in his eyes over the fact that he is not happy with the choices he is making in his life right now. Fast forward...after trying to explain a rubric and console two boys who are still crying pretty hard, another boy begins to cry. Ai yi yi. Then, our Title One coordinator comes in and springs on me that I'll have not two, but THREE groups pulled after Christmas break. It was challenging having two groups pulled and trying not to have direct reading and writing instruction in there...but now three??? (You're talking 90 total minutes.) I began crying and my principal walked in right then and there...Hopefully, we'll create some sort of creative solution for managing three groups in and out.

If any of you teach in a Title I school...can you let me know kind of what your schedule looks many people you have employed that work with students and the amount of time they work with them and what that looks like??? I'd greatly appreciate it!!!


Live, Laugh, Love! said...

In our title one school we have 12 teachers/aides directly working on reading instruction two of which who are also reading recovery teachers. They do SWOOP groups every day and direct pull out in addition to extended day kindergarten.

Rebekah (smiling@EMC) said...

In our school, Title 1 is push-in support. The Title 1 teacher comes in, scheduled after my mini-lesson, and pulls her group to a table in the room. Other children are reading independently, partner reading or in a guided reading lesson with me or the ESL teacher.