Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Sounds and Sights...

The door slides open. The light shatters the darkness. The cover slides off and 7 girls, laughing and shrieking, enter the hot tub. The steam rises, creating a mist of wonderment and awe. The pinging of ice pellets can be heard through the open glass windows.

A night of fellowship is to occur. So many conversations spoken...laughter fills the room.

One by one, we exit...gather around the fireplace and couch...no words are spoken, just waiting...radio turned on...a booming voice fills the room. Silence falls over the girls (except for the ever-present high school texting), a message about finding your identity in God rather than the mirror and the scale is spoken...Comments made and paper passed out.

Girls scattered throughout the house, music playing, pens flying as they write their letters to themselves for the next year are being created.

A night filled with silent thoughts to be read in a year...


Bonnie K said...

Sounds wonderful, great images here moving us along. I'm there in the center of this slice, Cathy, Merry Christmas

Stacey: Two Writing Teachers said...

Gorgeous words and impeccable images created w/your words Cathy.

Merry Christmas,