Tuesday, September 16, 2008


One of my favorite shows is the Biggest Loser! One, I connect well with losing weight and two, it makes me happy to see others making positive changes in their lives. Just heard a great quote - "Feel the fear. Do it anyways." - Jillian

Makes me want to go and run!!! Yes!!!

And btw, Stacey and Ruth, I'm going to put this in my writer's notebook (well probably my new one) under quotes since I'll have the kids on the lookout for great quotes themselves!

And other quotes as I'm watching the show -

"I ate until I could feel something." - contestant

"I'm looking for change." - Jillian

"So unless you faint, puke, or die, KEEP WALKING." - Jillian


Christi said...

I LOVED that last quote by Jillian!! I must agree, the show is quite motivating.

Dina said...

I too love this show! I was super pumped that it started this week and I cried watching it. btw...you look fabulous! :)