Saturday, February 9, 2008

Joys of Being Single

An honest entry and a look into my life - read on if you dare :) There's this guy that I have seen at various places: church, a local store, and at my workout place. I've noticed through talking with him and watching that he doesn't have a ring on and I think he's cute plus he goes to church (a definite bonus). So naturally, I wonder...I've seen him lately at church and I finally said something to the girls I sit with. I don't mention which guys I am interested in because it allows no build up at all (which, btw, there are none) but this time I did. One of the girls that I sit with (who is amazing) after I mentioned just seeing a cute guy proceeds to tell about her date from Friday night. He's a nice guy, she says...but he's divorced. Hmmmm, the guy I was thinking of I know has children...she mentions his name...could it be the same? As she then describes him, yep! It is...the same guy I had mentioned. What are the odds? My town isn't large, but over 10,000 and my church isn't huge, but over 2,000...what are the odds that the ONE guy I mention was the guy she went out with? I can't figure them out, but I find it humorous and wonder what God wanted me to learn through it!

As I approach my 30th (two weeks), I reflect back on this month and am amazed how at my singleness doesn't seem to affect me as bad as it did over Christmas Break. There were a few nights where it was just torture. It seems all of my friends around me are dating someone and I am one of the few singles...not so hard most of the time except when they are ALL couples and then become all lovely dovey and do their great PDA, or they go out on double dates and you're not invited because you don't have someone to go with...

I've had over the past two weeks several people ask if I am dating anyone and my answer is...I don't have time right now. I am training for a mini-marathon and my training takes up 1 - 3 hours a night depending on the workout. Not the best answer I know, but I am so grateful that right now when people ask that question, my heart doesn't break at it as much. Do I want to be dating right now? Yeah, it'd be nice, but do I want to go out with someone just because I'm single and he's single? No. I want to date a guy because he's interested in getting to know me more and sees something that God has put into his heart...lofty expectations, I know. But with all of the advice that I get from marrieds, I'd rather be single than be in a bad relationship.

Thanks for taking a journey into my single life...if anything occurs, I'll let you know.

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