Monday, February 4, 2008

What would you do?

Teachers...I am at a loss...this year, I am trying something new. I require my students to read 15 minutes a night and then they have to write it down on a reading log and turn it in every Monday. I also file the papers and record who turned it, out of 17 students only 2 turned it in. I have noticed that there are a select few who never turn it in. What do I do? Call parents? Make kids stay in and read during recess and keep a log here? What would you do in my place?


Christi Overman said...

One teacher you love, Cathy, and I have discussed this...I won't say her name for privacy reasons, but you have to get to a point where you realize if you're holding up your end of the bargain and they don't do it, there is very little you can do. It is very sad, yes, but there comes a point where you just have to do what you can and hope they do the right thing. Not to say you should give up, though. I know sometimes the problem isn't that the parents DON'T want to help, they just have things going on at home that is beyond their control.

Christi Overman said...

I need to correct my grammar:

"...they just have things going on at home that ARE beyond their control."

Sarah Amick said...

Can you at some point enlist an older student or an aide or adult? I have my aide or an older student read with my reading recovery students that don't read at home. It helps, not the same but it helps!

Anonymous said...

I know I'm not a teacher but I thought I'd give my thoughts from the parent-side of things.

Obviously, if these kids are not made to sit down and read then most of them just aren't going to do it. I try to make sure I tell Jordan it's time to do his reading and to write everything down on his log...however, some days or even weeks, the time we have in the late afternoon/early evening just gets away from us. Sometimes it is bedtime before I realize I didn't have him read.

I realize I can't speak for all parents...there are some I'm sure that expect all the learning to go on in the classroom and feel no responsibility at home. For me, it's just that I have four kids and a husband to take care of...along with the house and bills and everything else that life throws at us.

I wish I had some better advice on how to get more kids to read...but I don't. Just try not to take it to heart so much and try not to think of it as a personal thing...hopefully that isn't what it is with most of the kids/parents.

Hugs to you!
Stacia Ethridge

Susan said...

I think sometimes our out of school expectations distinguish the "haves" from the "have-nots". It's so hard to decide what to do because, as another commenter said, there are things going on at home that ARE beyond their control.

We use our after-school program to handle much of this with our kids.