Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Joys of Being Single Part 2

Okay...setups...let's talk about them. I don't know whether to appreciate people not setting me up or wonder why people don't. One lady at church decided that this single guy (who doesn't live in my town) and I should meet. Her reasoning? He's looking for a good, Christian girl and apparently I am one. Hmmmmmm...anything else? Just because two people are single does not make them compatible...moving on. She told his mom...gave her my e-mail address and...nothing! She talked to his dad and gave him my e-mail address and...nothing!

She asked me at church if I had heard from him...nope. Her comment, "Your eggs are not getting any younger..." Ouch! I attended a conference a few weeks ago and ran into this lady again. What are the odds? She was with the parents of this boy...a little embarrassing after she made another comment.

Fast forward to last night...I attended a viewing last night and who was in front of me? Thankfully, just the parents and not their son. The father brought it up and apologized for the embarrassing comment made at the conference. We made small talk and then before we left and went our separate ways, he asked if he could tell his son a little about me...hmmmm...I said fine. What will it hurt? Stayed tuned to see if anything ever happens. :)

Anyone wishing they were STILL single? Sometimes the dating part of it just isn't fun!


Anonymous said...

Some people!

It's okay to be single...it's okay to not want to stay that way, too! God has someone special for you and He will show when the time is right...I know that sounds sorta "patty-cake" but it's true! Just hang in there and keep believing!


Dennismuse said...

If someone chooses to be single, that's one thing, but if you don’t then it can be a living misery. Also if someone chooses not to be single for the wrong reasons it can also be a huge misery too.

Every time as a single you meet someone new you have to answer those hurtful questions every time, every person it seems. Are you married? Why not? Have any children? Why not? Don’t you want to get married? Don’t you want to have children? What’s wrong with you that you have not gotten marred yet? Are you Gay? I get heartless responses ranging from pity to ridicule for still being single, bottom line I am seen as a complete social outcast. Your how old? And no woman? Must be a Weirdo or gay. Or, Poor thing.

I feel your pain.