Saturday, February 16, 2008


***Disclaimer - Hope this entry makes sense...just a bunch of random thoughts strung all together. :)

This week was a week where I began to doubt myself and what I am doing in my classroom. I have drifted from following the plan set before me in the reading series we have had for six years. I am doing more of a reading workshop and trying to allow students the chance to read on their level, discuss their thinking, and encourage their love of reading. We had a meeting this week to discuss what series we want to adopt for next year. I left the meeting encouraged by the series we might take a closer look but discouraged by the people that I talked with...not going to go in detail because I don't know who all reads my blog.

I even talked with an amazing teacher who has been an inspiration to me and is so encouraging! She was even having doubts. The people she works with are even less encouraging and supportive than what I find (she is one of the most professionally read teachers I know too). As I listened to her read and watched the interaction among her students and what they talked about, I enjoyed hearing what they had to say.

The following day, my students surprised me during morning meeting with books they had checked out during their library had of the last books we have yet to read from Chris Van Allsburg. I read it that afternoon and they were so excited as each page occurred. We predicted, explored the meaning of words, and made connections to other books. At the end, the students were shocked at how the book led straight into Zathura. If you could have seen their faces, you would have enjoyed it.

So, why am I doubting? After what I saw...I love what I do and I love what the students are doing. I'm trying to make sure that I have covered the standards given to me by the state. I feel that with our workshop, we dive deeper into some of the standards. No more doubts!

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