Thursday, December 13, 2007

Going Nuts...

I think I am going nuts...I am letting cardboard take over my classroom, I cannot access school e-mail here (the third day without it), and I'm fretting over phone calls and what a boy thinks about me...I am going nuts! I've almost filled one of my first journals (Ruth would be so happy). Probably by the end of tonight, it will be full and I'll have to start a new one. It's almost refreshing with the thought of starting a new journal. It's a new me who's writing...someone healthier, happier, and closer to God (hopefully than when I started the journal 4 years ago). Right now, this is a random blogging, but it allows me to get my thoughts out, which I normally do in quick e-mails to thanks for reading and tune in to see the destruction of my brain. (not really)

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