Thursday, December 6, 2007

Transferring their Knowledge

I have two great stories that illustrate the transferring of what happens in class to my students' brains...A mom shared with me as her child was drinking out a Styrofoam cup that had a lid on it. She took off the lid and was staring into the cup with one eye. When the mom asked what she was doing...she replied, "I am going to peer into my cup." I put up our vocabulary poster and peer is one of our words...Go vocabulary!

Then this morning in our morning meeting, I greet the children, sometimes with new languages. Today, we practiced Aloha...which means: hello, good-bye, and I love you. After the students practiced it...I turned our attention to our reading workshop. We wrote all of our schema for Cinderella. One boy stated that the prince wanted Cinderella to stay because he liked her. I said, "Yeah, he liked her, he loved her." Then one of our boys said, "He aloha(ed) her." (not sure about correct spelling, but putting it how he said it)

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angelamaiers said...

Great story! This is what learning is all about! Thanks for sharing!