Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I was reading in one of my professional books and a concept about just because they use the vocabulary does not mean they understand it came to light today. Case and point.
  • T - I learned that a biography is a non-fiction book about a person.
  • Kid 1 - Did you have a text to self?
  • T - no
  • me - T, did you have any connections?
  • T - no
  • Kid 2 - Did you have a text to world?
  • T - no
  • Kid 3 - Did you have a text to text?
  • T - no
  • me - Class, when someone says they didn't have any connections, then they didn't have ANY connections.
  • Class - ohhhhhhhhhh

Thankfully, the next student that shared was asked, Did you have any connections? She shared her connection and then all of the questions were asked again of connections...ugh...we'll revisit connections later. Part of this is my fault because I jumped over to reading non-fiction because so many of kids were reading it and I wanted to give them the most tools available for it and we didn't spend enough time on connections. We'll revisit that AFTER we do non-fiction and then images...oh well.

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katied said...

Thanks for your comment! I have been drowning with school, family and I took on teaching religious education on Tuesday nights. What was I thinking!! Anyway, I am writing and article right now for a site called Choice Literacy about Reading and Writing Routines that support Word Study. I have not quite finished it but am close. I will ask the editor if I can link the article to my blog. I am happy to give you any answers to questions you may have. Please feel free to email me anytime. Katied@wideopenwest.con