Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Okay, so I know this is no one's fault...we had a guest teacher in gym today...due to our clocks all being off throughout the whole building (another pet peeve and another issue for another day), I was running just a little kids don't understand quotation marks. Took them to the small teacher...walk through the cafeteria to take them to the big gym...oh, we're going to go outside. Okay, no problem. Hey, ML, A is not with problem, kids, I'll go back and get him. He's not in the small gym, not in the classroom. He's down the hall with 2 other girls from our room who thought gym was outside. Thank goodness they stayed together (I praised them for that). Anyway, my 40 minute prep has now turned into 20 minutes...ugh! And what am I doing? Blogging.

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Christi Overman said...

Oh dear...that's totally me like, oh, every day. Prep cut down to half the time by some crazy event, etc...then I find myself on my blog, blogging, then checking out friends' blogs. What am I doing?! Kinda like now, here I am in bed posting on your blog at 11:42 pm. Six hours until the alarm goes off...I'm a maniac!!!!