Thursday, October 18, 2007

Down in the dumps

Why is it that we feel discouraged? I know there are lots of teachers around who as they've talked...they are just discouraged. I feel the same way today with their writing. I feel like I'm barely treading water with their small moment stories...I don't know if it's I am just not working hard enough or if right now our reading and writing workshops are at the opposite spectrum, non-fiction and small moments, respectively...and if that's causing it.

Ways that I'm encouraged: today I read a new Chris Van Allsburg book and they were able to predict, use their schema that they knew about Chris and apply it to the new book, and draw a conclusion (even though they don't know the language). One of my struggling readers told me that quack and the word Mack from one of our songs rhyme because they have the same ending...being observant. Another one of my boys drew a picture about Egyptian dogs and mummies for another reader who is studying Egypt right now...they are just so thoughtful.

I'll think more on the positive and save the negative...


Sarah Amick said...

I was having a conversation in my mind today about how tired I was of teaching print strategies in Reader's Workshop. I have just decided to start the work of true comprehension next week. Just because the scope and sequence(that I created) says to wait until mid-November I have decided to plow ahead. My kids are doing wonderfully and I need to move forward. It's hard when you're in a lull, just keeping plowing through, you'll do fine.

Christi O. said...

I think right now I'm just a little discouraged because their honeymooning is beyond over and I expect them to know better than what they are doing sometimes right now. You know, like, "Why are you still trying to ____________ when you know better?" But they're growing and learning and absorbing every day...even though sometimes all I have are these little reminders that I'd like to be more. I think that's why I blog...I have to laugh or I'll hate it all! I do love my kids lots. Imagine working in an office! Even on my hardest day I'll take my kids!