Monday, September 3, 2007

We're almost ready!!!

Okay, so we have the book bins, the book nooks, the places to get books (which reminds me to get the tubs out this week), our reader's notebooks, what to expect in conferences, we've practiced sharing twice...and this week we are going to start talking about just right books...I'd say our reading workshop is almost ready! We may actually read for more than 15 minutes this week.

Question to others...when do you start reading partnerships with your class?

I'm excited about reading workshop...I'm actually thinking in units...the next unit is Figuring Out Tricky Words. I've already done 3 assessments...just 3 reader's notebooks entries...yay!!! Okay, so they weren't true assessments, but at least I'm able to get some grades, which is what I was nervous about.


Sarah Amick said...

I started my partnerships right away. It seemed natural for me because my kiddos need that support to help them decode words. I like them a lot. If they are not currently reading with their partner I have them go with them the last five minutes of workshop. I will really like seeing what the partnerships behold later in the year. I enjoy reading what you have to write about your experiences. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Amick said...

Cathy- My students currently are going with their partnerships voluntarily until they acquire more strategies for reading. But slowly I am seeing the novelty wearing off and they are going on their own to read. But, during the last 5 minutes they meet to discuss their ideas and thoughts about their reading. Hope that clears things up. Hope your days are going well.