Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sharing Today we're kinda getting it. Most of the kids remembered to thank the speaker...they knew to raise their hand to change topics and to cross their fingers to add to a conversation...They EVEN had a few things to "teach" the class. One of the girls reminded the class to check for periods. Apparently, she had forgotten and caught it when she reread her papers. Another shared how they sorted their pages alphabetically (they're doing ABC books) at the end of writing workshop. One shared how she was tired of using just periods so she also put in exclamation points...and yet even one more shared to look in a book for spelling words they may not know...and what was my mini-lesson on??? None of those topics! In fact, I just gave them their papers and reminded to add more to their writing. I love my little sponges!

Also, funny story...but rated PG-13...won't use the word typed out, but you should be able to infer. When I read, the class is very used to asking what words mean (I know...we'll have an inferring lesson in the future) if they aren't sure. For example, some of the words: tilted, increase, posse, horizon. Today, I had the kids come up to set reading goals...and told the next person who was next. One of my girls asked, what does d*ck mean...shocked, I had her come up so could explain where she heard that word and so she'd not say it again in class. She said that I had said can imagine my surprise. I had been telling the kids, you're up now and Sarah (not her name), you're on deck. She hadn't enuciated very well and I then had her repeat it correctly...there's a story you want to clear up before going home to parents.


Sarah Amick said...

Cathy, love that story, do you ever wonder what the kids say about you? Yikes! Hey, I wrote a post about sharing and conferring. I love them both, I am changed however I hated them before. I guess I am taking a very informal approach for now. I am learning all about the students first and then getting nitty gritty! What do you think?

Jen Barney said...

hehehe- you have to love em!