Saturday, August 25, 2007


Okay, so I am going to vent a little...I just get tired sometimes of my friends (who are not educators) giving me crap for doing my work on the weekend. I graded papers last night at a friend's house, while playing Cranium (which my team won, because I helped you know what an aglet is? apparently, it's crazy that I know...let's just say Cranium is my game and I love it). More than 3 people gave me slack for grading my papers on a Friday night...I ask you, other educators, when do you do your work?

I sometimes get frustrated when I see the amount of work that my friends often do not have to take home, but at the same time...wouldn't they rather that I spend my time AT school with the kids and leave the grading for home? I could grade papers while kids are reading, but then who would know what they are thinking while they read?

Yes, I know teaching can appear to be easy at times, but I signed on for the job and love what I do...Yes, there are times that I don't like the amount of outside work there is and not many people thank me for doing what I do, but sometimes I just wish instead of harping on me for grading my papers, they would say, "Can I help?" and just leave it at that.

Thank you to all who read this and just let me get my venting out. By the way...if you are a facebook member...look me up (I just put up new pics of my nephew).


Jen Barney said...


Dina said...

AMEN girl! I feel you on that one totally. I do my work on Sunday afternoons: therefore, Saturdays become the down time/sleep in time and I catch crap for it. You are not alone!

Sarah Amick said...

They also don't understand the amount of money that we spend!
My favorite:
"Why don't you just ask your principal to purchase it for you?"
I'm having a really hard time with the money lately.
It's a bit overwhelming.

Sarah said...

WOW! I couldn't have said it better. I also get tired of the ones who say, "... But you only work for 9 months out of the year!" Helllooo? Since I work much more than 40 hours during the week (at home & school) and plan throughout my summers, this just isn't accurate. However, I don't think people get it. But, you're appreciated. Keep it up. :)