Saturday, August 18, 2007

And it's begun...

Okay, three days down and 177 to go...I'm excited about the start and especially even being able to BEGIN the year wih a better understanding of reading workshop. However, at times, I feel like I'm behind. I see other teachers doing things with stories already, but yet I know that I need to be able to set up procedures and expectations for a workshop before most of the great learning will be occurring.

I read Bad Day at Riverbend on Thursday and it was neat to hear comments being made by students and how they are already strong readers and doing great thinking. On Friday, one of the girls wanted to hear the story again...through this, one boy made a comment and asked what horizon meant. I pointed out how wonderful it was that he was paying attention to words and especially words he didn't know. This allowed my class to being asking...what's a posse, what's flesh...I loved it! We also, on Friday, drew one of our favorite reading memories and this allowed me to share with the class how we will be setting our workshop to make it just like their reading memories.

Looking forward to the great learning that will take place, but still a little overwhelmed with proceeding with a reading curriculum where I am not using the basal every week...updates will occur.


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