Sunday, August 19, 2007


As I'm filling in my teacher lesson plan book for the upcoming week, the openess of the pages are overwhelming today. I sit and look at them and just wonder what to put in the blocks...where to begin and what to do...I'm just praying that I'll find something to fill the day with something that's productive and beneficial for the class.


Christi O. said...

MEEEEE TOOOOOO! I told Cheryl today that I just wonder if I'll really be able to teach these kids. I hardly know where to start...there's so much they need to know! I have like 12839201830 things I want to teach them right now! Cheryl's advice: "We all feel that way and yet somehow they learn."

Sarah Amick said...

The beginning is always the hardest isn't it? You're still reeling from those second graders that were ready to enter third grade and now you just got a new batch of recent first graders. AAAAHHHH! I always think as I am looking at my "new" class, you're supposed to teach them to read!!!!
You can do it!