Wednesday, April 18, 2007


What does this represent? My mile time today! Woo hoo! I am so proud of myself, but even more amazing was my class! One boy tugged on my sleeve to keep me running, how sweet. Another girl, D., ran the ENTIRE 4 laps with me. All of the other kids did a spurt event (run out like the wind, then walk, run like the wind, walk, etc.). D. ran the entire 4 laps and kept encouraging me. She even told me as we were running she had her fingers crossed to give me good luck to keep running.

Why was I running you ask? At the beginning of the year, I talked with my class how we are all gifted at other things...I am a great reader, horrible runner. But I was still going to give it my all and do my best...just like they can do with their reading. So I ran the cross country race with them. I feel that I am better able to relate to my class and they see me in a different light simply because I joined with them.

On a sidenote, a great analogy to share from one of my girls: Teaching is to them as a massage is to sweet is that?

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