Friday, April 13, 2007


I liked the phrase that Ellin used at her conference, happy accidents. Am I enjoying the happy accidents that occur in my students' learning or am I setting my expectations too low? I think it's the shouldn't surprise me that they are performing, IF I start to raise the bar and expect it!!! Today, I did a think aloud on a book I read to the kids where I showed them what inferences are. Then during my conferencing, one of my girls (who struggles with decoding and reading fluently), made a comment during her conversation with me. Guess what it was? Yep, an inference! I think what I enjoyed the most, was how another student reacted at how astonishing it was that this girl inferred in her reading. It was sweet!

Funny stories today: One of my Hispanic boys showed me his Purdue hat...He asked, what does the P stand for? Like a dummy, I say, "Purdue"...No, Paul (his name, although I changed it to protect identity...) How funny, that he thinks his hat is made just for him!

During a game we play at the end of the day, one student had to name 5 states before the ball got all the way around the circle...Michigan, Indiana....State of America? might work, right?

Off to enjoy a relaxing weekend???

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