Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Okay, so in reading about The Responsive Classroom (some other blogs I've seen out there and a method NYC teacher was talking about), I want to start working with my kids on their apologies. So many times we say sorry and sometimes that just doesn't cut it. There was a teacher who created an action of apology chart...if you insult someone, you must pay them a compliment...

Today, we've had two problems occur already. One girl nailed (with her fingernails) another girl in she had to do something nice for her. She made a butterfly out of paper for her. Another girl stole a reading bag from another student. Why? Who knows! She can't even explain to me why she did it. She'll need to come up with something nice to do for him.

Is it going to help students take responsibility for their actions? I don't know, but we'll see!


Christi O. said...

Interesting idea. Let me know how it works.

Melanie said...

This could be useful in my house!
Keep us posted on how it works in the classroom.