Friday, March 30, 2007

How Fitting

I had to laugh at myself last night...I got a haircut and after she styled it, I said, "Wow, it's so becoming." Then I thought, how funny, that's the title of my blog. I love how God shows us who we are Becoming through Him.

On a side note, we started the Action of Apology. Two actions occurred yesterday that required an action of apology...okay, three, but one involved a teacher. It was interesting to see what types of actions they would come up with to "make up" the fact that they had hurt someone: write a letter, write a letter of apology to a teacher, and play with them at recess.

I can tell it's almost time for Spring Break, my poor kids couldn't be quiet during Reading Workshop if their life had depended on it today...however, when it was time for their Reading Responses to me, I could hear the crickets chirping, they were so quiet. Wonder what the afternoon will hold!?!

To all teachers, have a great break!!! To all parents, enjoy spending time with your kids over break.

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