Tuesday, April 3, 2007


So, over my spring break, I came to visit my sister in Indy and just have a relaxing break. Well, I brought several books with me to read. Why is it that I have more questions in my head after reading than when I started about Reading Workshop? Granted, it's good...but I'm the type of person who loves algebra for a reason...there's always a definite answer.

I'm currently reading Mosaic of Thought by Ellin Oliver Keene (who I get to see in a week) and A Table for One by Camerin Courtney (a Christian single woman's guide to life). I'm reading for different purposes. Mosaic is giving me new ideas for reading workshop (more to follow later after I've finished) and Table for One is giving me peace about my life and knowing that waiting on God is the highest glory that I can give Him. My friend, Megan, told me this quote today...I'm paraphrasing. Quit telling your God how big your storms are and start telling your storms how big your God is.

I feel like my thoughts are a mosaic right now, but any comments or feedback people want to leave is great. I'll start to put more things on as to what I have learned. I just need more time to process.

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