Friday, March 23, 2007

Perfect Timing

Okay, so most days if you're being observed, it never goes the way you want it...Not today! My friend and fellow teacher, Barb, came and wanted to see some of the things we are doing in our classroom. During our Reading Workshop conferences, I talked with one girl about tricky words and maybe her partner would be able to help her. I grouped my students with partners more in ability-based groups because they would be able to show each other different strategies (the plan) and wouldn't you know, it happened!!! R. showed B. her tricky words and then B. used a different strategy (chunking the words) that R. wasn't trying. Perfection!

Then, during Writing Workshop, we were showing how to edit our prompts and we inserted quotation marks because the student hadn't. As I was ready to dismiss the kids, one of the boys was waving his hand and said..."But Miss Laker, when you use quotation marks, you need to capitalize the beginning of the sentence, even if it's in the middle of the sentence."

All of the glory goes to God for these amazing minds...soaking up the knowledge and passing it on to others. I am just so blessed to be in this profession at times and to see students becoming true readers and writers (they beg to stay in from recess to read, who does that?). Thank you to my mentors, you have done so much for helping, encouraging, and molding me. I am truly appreciative!

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