Friday, March 9, 2007

I Think It's Working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just when I think I'm not making a difference, God goes ahead and makes a difference! In my reading workshop materials, it talked about students should learn to transfer what they do in class to home...Today, in writing workshop, one of my students wrote me a letter. It states, "Miss Laker you are the best teacher ever. And when I'm home I throw my eyes ahead of my voice all the time. My sister doesn't know how." I changed the spelling and punctuation so you could read it.

I used her letter to teach the kids to take their reading home with them...their mission? To read everything in sight this weekend, even the closed captioning on tv, dvds, and video games. We're having a community circle on Monday to share their findings. I'm kind of excited.

btw - throwing your eyes ahead of your voice means your eyes are further along than your mouth (we do it naturally, struggling readers need to learn how.)

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