Monday, March 12, 2007


Okay, so I am going to brag just a little. But I'm bragging about God, so hopefully that cancels out the bad notion of bragging. I love getting ideas and knowing there was no way that I could come up with it myself.

Example: Today in writing workshop, I didn't know what I was going to do (sorry Ruth!) and lo and behold, thought about how we could stretch emotions. I had the kids write down an emotion before library and then during writing workshop, I went to work. I walked in (okay, stomped) threw my papers down, and then made an angry face and yelled at them. I quickly changed my temperament and then talked to the kids about how they knew what I was feeling. They gave me lots of descriptions and then some of them got a chance to play Emotion was a neat lesson, I think.

Also, another example (I'll post the picture later.) was a spring bulletin board that came to me as I was laying in bed (another brilliant idea by the Teacher) and thought how I could use word families to create a board. My students came up with a word family and then based on their color used the circles to create clouds, flowers, caterpillars, and even butterflies (although they look like birds). I, personally, like it very much! I'll do that one again for sure!

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