Monday, February 10, 2014

What to do...

Granted, shark week. 

Granted, I haven't tracked as well lately. 

Granted, I have eaten my activity points and my weekly. 

I shouldn't be shocked my number is up two pounds from last Tuesday. 

I walked out defeated. For a moment. 

I put myself in my shoes and talked to myself as if I was a member. Because I am. 

I reminded myself to do the program. Well. Each day. Each meal. Each moment. 

And I also discovered the peanut butter bliss brownie by Weight Watchers. And oh yeah...uh-mazing and worth the two points plus. I'm definitely going to save two each night for one. Yum, yum!

And I am excited to share with you next Monday how I do. 

Future apology is being said right now. Sorry for focusing on this, but thank you for letting me use my blog as a soundboard. As I become and stay healthy. 

1 comment:

Ruth Ayres said...

No apologies! I'll keep reading whatever you want to keep writing. :) Take care of yourself this week.