Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tearjerker Tuesday

Tuesdays in my class are tickle me Tuesday (a joke with a hidden answer) and tidy Tuesday. 

Today was also a tear jerker. 

My squirrel boy who loves pirates, can't get a sentence out to save his life, and loves to trace my veins wasn't medicated. Again. We've had eleven days of school. One with medicine. One. Not good. 

Well, since I can't seem to talk with mom on the phone, I took some matters into my own hands. 

He stays after school with the latchkey program. Tonight, he got to help me. 

I rearranged my room. Again. (Ruth, if you're reading this, I think you'll enjoy the new arrangement...maybe.)

He helped. Moved things. Threw away trash. Organized a drawer. All so I could talk to mom. 

And as he was organizing a paper drawer, the small words came out that stilled my heart. 

I love you. 

Oh, how precious. 

I told him I adored him too. 

He smiled and went back to work.

Squirrel, you melt my heart and I promise to keep fighting for you!

1 comment:

elsie said...

Sometimes those little stinkers are the ones that burrow into your heart and live there forever. I hope he gets the meds he needs just so he can be the best for you.