Friday, August 30, 2013

Five minute Friday



While many are thinking the type of music that is sung Sunday morning or played in the car, I learned years ago at church camp that worship is much more than that. 

To give worth

What do I give worth to? 

Lists, jobs that get crossed off, my job, what others think of me, what I have or don't have, too many small details. 

What should I give worth to?

The One who made me, owns me, and purchased me.

He's worthy.  He's worthy to be praised. He's worthy to be thanked. He's worthy to be sought after.

So why don't I? 

Too many times, my eyes turn inward and downward and off of Him. 

And like my morning alarm, "every hour, I need you."


Not bad thinking for my first five minute Friday. Saw this off of the incourage blog and my friend does it, but I thought she made it up. Ha ha. Will definitely challenge myself to try this again...

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Ruth Ayres said...

I'm glad you joined. :)

Even more, I'm glad to hear your thoughts on worship. Just think, we were probably writing and praising at the. exact. same. time.

God bless you,