Monday, July 1, 2013

Becoming accountable

Sorry readers. Actually, I take that back. 

I will not apologize for sharing me with you. You get to join me on my journey. It's your choice whether you read or not. 

Currently, I go to a Weight Watchers meeting on Mondays. Each week our leader asks us to write down on our weekly one change we will do for the week. 

I normally share with June. She's lost 90 pounds. She's extremely focused and is almost at goal. 

She wasn't there tonight, so I am going to share with you. And I am on the journey to becoming a leader, I will eventually probably have another meeting to go, I will try to be accountable to the Internet. 

I will call it WWI.  This week I want 20 extra activity points that I don't eat. 

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