Friday, June 21, 2013

Things I Hate

Pink packets 

Clammy skin
People talking during presentations

Putting away laundry

One uppers
Debby downers

Tapping of writing utensils
Noisy eaters

I think I need some chocolate...


Mary Lee said...

Welcome to Poetry Friday! Hope we become something you love!!

Betsy H said...

As I reach in my bag to get out a wintergreen mint, I wonder....What was your inspiration for that first line? Wonderful job, be sure to join in every week and I am so proud of you for taking the plunge! Happy Friday

Violet N. said...

Welcome to Poetry Friday! Interesting list. I'm with you on not talking during presentations, noisy eaters and chocolate.

Doraine Bennett said...

Welcome! So much to enjoy here. I, too, hate tapping pencils.

elsie said...

My favorite part "One uppers, Debby Downers." I'm going to have to use that line sometime, it's perfect! I really enjoyed meeting you. I think you would be a fun person to hang out with, you exude joy.