Friday, July 12, 2013


God is good.  God answers prayers.  It may not always be exactly what I want or when I want, but I am receiving answers in the midst.

I'm waiting...but I'm praying.  I'm asking for hope (sometimes it's hard to allow it in to my heart).  I'm asking for peace.  I'm asking for patience in the waiting.

And God came through.  Am I surprised?  Sometimes I am.

He answers with music and perfect lyrics.
He answers with His many people have shared verses that God has spoken to me to memorize.
He answers with blogs.

Thanks to a dear friend, I discovered the (in)courage blog.  One of the posts was about waiting.

And while it was an answer to prayer, I found one comment upsetting.

It reeked of bitterness.  And while the reader is entitled to their thoughts, my heart broke for the hurt she has been through.

It reminded me that I have two options...I can trust or I can become bitter through the process.  I choose the former.  I trust.  Knowing whether the answer is a yes, no, or wait will come, but for now, I can trust.  Because bitterness is not a road I want to go down.

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