Tuesday, May 7, 2013


When you are encouraged by someone, challenged by someone, taught by someone and you meet them by chance, you get excited. Silly. Stupid. Overly ecstatic to meet them.

See. Me. And Brenda Powers of Choice Literacy. At my school.

Oh goodness!!!


elle1955 said...

It is thrilling!

Mommy Reads said...

A. I love her and the BIg Fresh!
B. That is seriously how I felt when I taught Kindergarten and met Dr. Jean, later with The Sisters, and most recently Mo Willems!
C. This post made me smile. I love that feeling that you know others have had. Connects us all!

Jackie said...

Your picture says it all...the expression on your face is true joy. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/