Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One reason I love my job...

I love my job!  And I love the comments that kids make!

Today was no exception!

We were reading a book that mentioned that the class had found an old US flag that only had 48 states.  

The kids questioned the number.  

I asked them if they knew the last two states that became part of the US.

"Uh, Mexico?"

No...Mexico is not part of our country. 

Insert confused look from student.  

"Mexico is part of our continent."

Another student pipes in with, "Russia?"

Oh, nelly...

And then after lunch recess, one of my girls was really warm.  She had a sweatshirt on over her dress and said she couldn't take it off because she had noodles.  

Knowing what she meant, but wanting to make sure, I asked her to explain that...

She said, "I have noodle straps on my dress."

Uh, yeah, those are called spaghetti straps.  I giggled inside. 

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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