Monday, March 4, 2013

Well...small steps.

So, today I left this on my desk.

As a temptation.
As a possible reward.
As a treat.
As a stress reliever.

As a reminder.

And I said no.

It's still there.

Self control.


Carol said...

Wow! All day! Congratulations!

elsie said...

Good for you! Stay strong and reap the rewards.

Julie said...

Wish I had your willpower! I do, actually - just seem to have misplaced it recently. Keep strong - good for you!

b said...

Nice! I would've made quick work of that by mid afternoon before I started punching everything in to my Fitness Pal app. Now treats are no fun! Enjoy the chocolate!

Kristen said...

Yes, little steps. But, don't be cruel to yourself, put that away until you have "earned" it and enjoy every moment of it. Keep up the good work!

Lee Ann Spillane said...

You are good! Loved how the writing teased it's way to the chocolate.

Ruth Ayres said...

When it's time, I hope you enjoy it. ;)