Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No sense of cent...

While talking about the metric system with my class, I wanted to see if they could figure out what cent- means as well as how many centimeters were in one meter.

"How many cents in a dollar?"


"What do you color to for your percentage?"


"How many years are in a century?"


"How many centimeters are in one meter?"


"What does cent- mean?"

"I know," says one of my catch-it-all students.  "Coins!"

Ugh, as I smacked my forehead. 


elsie said...

Sometimes the connection fails to connect. Funny for me, exasperating for you.

Jennifer said...

I TOTALLY get this! You're on a roll and think, "Yes! They're going to get it!" And then THAT happens....while you're being observed by your principal...teaching a class of 7th graders who should totally already know that :)

Deb Gaby said...

I love your title..."No sense of cent..." I'm thinking the student is just around the corner of getting a sense of cent...don't give up!

Debbi Collins said...

I can laugh at your exasperation because I battle with similar things. "The simple subject has to be a part of the complete subject. Our complete subject is 'people' so what is our simple subject?" The answers are every word besides 'people'... Keep going. The lightbulb is flickering. They will get the sense of cent...and forget it by the time they reach my class.