Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nasty Cycle...

Cycles are everywhere.  The water cycle is probably one of the greatest examples.  Always ongoing.

I have a nasty cycle in my house...maybe you will find some sort of connection in your own life.

It's called a sink full of dishes.  How does that happen when I live by myself?  Oh yeah, it's called, I like to cook.  And bake.  And eat.  Let's not forget that one.

Thank goodness I have a dishwasher...if I didn't have one, it would probably curb my enthusiasm for cooking.

Tonight, as I came home from Zumba, I walked through my kitchen and unloaded my bags.  And once again, after emptying my lunch bag, my sink was full again.

Empty the dishwasher.  Fill the dishwasher.  The sink is empty...sort of.  It's not overflowing though...and I can see the disposal on the right side.

What to do?


Tonight - almond joy muffins made from coconut flour and they are one point each!  Yummo!

And in about 20 minutes, I'll be enjoying one...too bad you won't!  :)

Happy cooking!


Patricia Holloway said...

That is exactly the problem at my house! Keeping my new stove with a black top clean is impossible.

Jackie said...

Those muffins sound so tasty. It's too bad that dishes don't take care of themselves. Dishwashers have been great to help, but they still need to be loaded and unloaded. Happy baking! Jackie

Kay said...

Yummy! I love the cooking and baking and eating--the cleaning, not so much. I would love a fairy to come along and do the dishes--or at least if the people who live in the house would add their dishes to the dishwasher.

ssurridge said...

I feel like I could spend all night in the kitchen and never really be done...and I don't even cook!