Friday, March 15, 2013

Lost and Found

Background information - My sister LOVES Target and Kohl's and is obsessed with the clearance items.  She even bought my birthday cake (angel food - my fave) on clearance.  Isn't she awesome?  For her wedding, this past summer, she gave her bridesmaids a beautiful silver necklace with a blue stone.

While this may seem like a travel in time, just keep reading! 

I had just bought a beautiful new sweater and wanted to wear the blue necklace since the sweater had blue in it...small problem.  It wasn't in my jewelry stand with all my other necklaces.  The last place I had worn it was the gym.  Checked the gym bag.  Nothing.  Checked the purse.  Nothing.  Checked the purse I had used before Christmas.  Nothing.  You get the picture. 

With panic setting in, I went to church without the necklace. 

Sunday afternoon, I stopped at Kohl's and couldn't seem to find one that matched it. 

Wednesday night (during Bible study - ouch), I remembered I had a small make-up bag in my purse.  Sure enough - there it was!!!!!!!!!!!  I called my sister to give her the bad and good news.  Good thing I found was a special order from a jewelry store.

Friday morning - jean day at school!  I wore my amazing new sweater and went to grab the necklace out of my make-up bag. 

One problem...yep, you guessed it!  It wasn't there.  Seriously? 

With panic setting in (again), I emptied the entire make-up bag.  Nothing!

I checked my wallet just in case.  Saved!

For some reason, I must have switched it there Wednesday night...ugh!

Aren't I pretty?  And vain...


Kay McGriff said...

That's a beautiful necklace--and a great story. I've been there so many times. The worst was when I couldn't find my wedding and engagement rings. Fortunately, they turned up in an unexpected bag.

Delilah said...

I could feel the panic as I read your post! I always feel so frustrated with myself when I do the same thing!

Jackie said...

I hate it when that happens. I wonder what was said or what you saw to suddenly make you remember where it could have been. Your picture adds to the story and looks beautiful. Jackie