Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's gone...

Ear buds cleaned.
Ear buds wrapped.
Ear buds into plastic cases.
Cases snapped shut.

iPad covers on.
iPads in their slot.
iPads plugged in.

Cart locked up.
Cart rolled down.
Cart left in the tech office.

It's gone.

An empty spot is all that is left of our pilot run of one to one iPads.  What an experience!  I am so blessed to have been able to use them for the past several weeks.

Now it's gone.  Tomorrow will be different.  Tomorrow will be normal...or back to what used to be.  But we'll still use the three in our room...maybe a little differently after being able to access it individually. 


Adelheid Barnhart said...

Cool poem! Thanks for sharing!

Kay McGriff said...

I love the repetition of your poem. I imagine your classroom will be quite different now that the iPads are gone.

Anonymous said...

Cute poem. Love your use of repetition. I bet it will be hard for the students not to have the iPads now! Such a luxury.