Saturday, March 3, 2012


I was going to write about the sweat ring I earned today in my 120 minutes of work out classes.

I was going to write about being able to order a size smaller bridesmaid dress than I thought they were going to order.

I was going to write about holding my nine day old niece (who was born on my birthday).

Instead, I am writing about my nightmare.   Background - was in a car accident on snowy, country roads.  Enter the tale of nightmare driving!

It had been windy all day.  That was nothing new.  I set the cruise and sped on I-69 at 70 mph.  Making great time and GPS put me at home around 9:30.  I noticed drops on my windshield.  I had about 20 miles to my exit when WHAM!  Suddenly, giant white flakes began blowing.  The road in front of me was instantly covered.  Being the chicken I am, I instantly slowed down and a few miles later, the snow stopped.

Ten miles to my exit.  I can do this.  I can do this.  I can do this.

The connecting road to my next major highway was pretty clear.  Good driving roads.

And then it began.  Once I had cleared my last city until my county, I noticed that there was NO ONE behind me.  For 20 miles, I had the road to myself.  Thank goodness.  With all of the blowing wind and the giant snow, I had to keep telling myself to breathe.  There were oncoming cars, but thankfully, I could drive as slow as I wanted.

Then, comes the nightmare.  The major highway that leads to a mile from my house has a slight detour.  It takes you into the country because a bridge is being replaced.  Country roads.  Snowy and slick and at this point, I am driving 20 mph.  Yes, readers, you read correctly.  20 MILES PER HOUR!

I used my GPS as my beacon.  It let me know how many more miles I had left on my treacherous journey home.  Honestly, I am more sore in my shoulders from being so tense on the drive than from my workout earlier.

Thankfully, I am home.  Safe and sound.  I prayed for many drivers that I passed that were headed into the slick roads...that they would see the danger before anything serious occurred.

I don't mind driving in the snow most of the time.  Just not at night.  And not when it's really slick.  And when it's really blowing.  Hmmmm, maybe I should move south.


Pam Barnhill said...

Oh how nerve-wracking. Glad you made it through OK. Yes, move on down here with us. 100 degree weather isn't fun, but it also isn't hard to drive in either.

ssurridge said...

You just vividly reminded me of many a trip home from when I lived in Montana! There was always a prayer going on in my car when the snow was coming down! Glad you made it home safely!

Christy Rush-Levine said...

Great opening! You have a lot of great moments to celebrate. I am so happy you made it home safely!